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NOVA Speciality Restaurants has  multiple chains of fine and casual dining restaurants in Asia,Europe and North America. We also Operate confectionery stores and the Finest Baker with presence in twenty-five cities across the Globe.

Our Values

The five key Ingredients

These are the five guiding values that distinguish every offering from every Speciality Restaurant, and impart a unique character to our guest's experience.

Authenticity : Our dishes are utterly true to their ethnic and geographical origins, while retaining their place in history and culture. Cuisines from antiquity are revisited. To preserve their authenticity, therefore, karigars and master chefs are specially brought in, and given free rein to experiment, improvise and innovate.

Ingredient Selection : A vital part of a dish's authenticity lies in its use of only the prescribed ingredients. These are sourced with a nose for their culinary correctness from scattered and obscure locations...

Technical expertise in food preparation and flavour creation : A core knowledge area that belongs even at the highest management levels at Speciality Restaurants... which of course includes the senior chefs. Their skill-sets extend to provisioning, menu planning, decor and ambience, table service, and other essentials of restaurant management.

An obsession with detail, down to the smallest particulars of service, hygiene, kitchen routines and even the greeting of guests.

Honouring the guest is at the heart of the Nova Speciality Restaurant experience. It's a tendency to fuss over our diners, to anticipate their needs, to be helpful without intruding, and to be alert to their wishes.


We operate the following kinds of Restaurants & Bar:

Nova Royale North West Frontier Speciality Restaurant

One of the Best Restaurants in the World offering a totally Unique Cuisine by a process of slow-cooking in a sealed ‘handi’, allows the ingredients to mature in their own juices to bring out the intense flavours, aromas and leisurely luxury of the food, imbuing it with richness that distinguishes the cuisine. 

Nova Royale Indian Mughlai Speciality  Restaurant

It serves authentic North Indian food. In this ambient setting, you can watch our chefs whip up your food at the live show-kitchen counter while explaining the process assuring you the freshest preparations.

Nova Royale Indian Bengali Speciality Restaurant

Let’s celebrate the spirit of Kolkatta. The culture, the beauty and of course, the food. It is an ode, a celebration to the romantic city of Kolkatta.

Nova Royale Lebanese Speciality Restaurant

One of the Finest Lebanese restaurants Sharing, generosity and hospitality are the hallmarks of Lebanese culture. Food, is a celebration of life: Endless varieties and magical tastes…it is healthy and naturally prepared. It all comes together at meal time, the time for a family get-together and the time for friends to catch up. It is the perfect setting too for closing that business deal.

Nova Royale Cantonese Speciality Restaurant

It is an amalgamation of the familiar with the unknown - a course that entices the senses and tinkles the taste buds and retains authenticity and manifests luxury.Cantonese cuisine, also known as Yue cuisine or Guangdong cuisine, refers to the cuisine of China's Guangdong Province, particularly the provincial capital, Guangzhou. It is one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese cuisine


Nova Royale Chinese Restaurant

The art of Chinese cooking is shrouded in mystery world . How do you acquire the perfect citrus twist? How do the eastern flavours balance themselves so naturally on your palate? The answer lies in the narrow paths of China.

Nova Royale Pan-Asian Speciality Restaurant

The latest Speciality Restaurant launched by the group promises another gastronomic adventure. It brings all the legendary kitchens of Far-East under one roof - from the streets of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Myanmar and of course, China. In an happening format with a live kitchen, it adds an exciting new dimension.

Nova Royale Seafood Speciality Restaurant

The Finest Heritage restaurant offers terrace dining and cocktails . The menu reflects its glittering heritage, serving the finest traditional Fish,Lobsters,Prawns,Shrimps,Crabs and Shellfish and more  dishes alongside a variety of meat and seasonal game favourites in an atmosphere of urbane sophistication. Oysters, served at the elegant oyster and Heritage bar, are a house speciality.

Nova Royale Latin American Speciality Restaurant

In the mood for some authentic Latin American culinary fare? We introduce you to the regional cuisines of Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Cuba by presenting an exotic menu infused with flavors and techniques culled from the homely kitchens across the continent of South America.

Nova Royale French Speciality Restaurant

French cuisine in settings that make you want to come back for more. Make an experience out of dining. Give our authentic French dishes a try.The food here comes with untold stories. So rest assured your experiences will extend beyond what’s on the table.

Nova Royale Italian Speciality Restaurant

Introducing the authentic flavours of Italy as one of the first Italian trattoria-style restaurants.The restaurant promises elegant and courteous service, great food, a well complementing wine list and an inviting atmosphere where guests always comes first.The food is largely influenced by the southern regions of Italy. Find distinct flavours from regions like Sicily, Pescara, Potenza and Bari

Nova Royale Spanish Speciality Restaurant

It is an antojeria and bar serving authentic Mexican food and drinks. We will be serving delicious street food and specilaity dishes spanning various regions of Spain.The high ceilings and huge chandeliers give the restaurant an air of old-world opulence, and the food is equally impressive.

The Royale Bar By NRCL

With the rarest of rare bar collection and the most disruptive range of cocktails put together by world famous mixologists.The Designing of the BAr has been done in Vintage Style.the bar is a refreshing retreat amidst sparkling azure water, soothing green foliage and soft lounge music

The Lounge By NRCL

Designed in a Modern Way with the State of the Art Infrastructure houses the finest selection of wines, whiskies, other spirits and premium brands of cigars from across the world.With leather couches, casual seating and a warm ambience that encourages camaraderie and relaxation, the bar offers the perfect venue for a laidback tête-à-tête or to unwind in the company of good friends.

The Shack By NRCL

The restaurant consists of all the qualities that are true to its name, a rugged atmosphere that is stylish and contemporary with an variety of multi cuisine dishes to choose from.The shack sports the look of an actual one found at a sea beach. In daylight you can have interesting views from the big glass windows. The lounge bar is lit up with candles that create a very romantic atmosphere and also complements the ambience.

The Revolving Bar By NRCL

Specialty drinks, American eats & panoramic city views at this rotating bar on the Highest Floor boasts soaring views of downtown Indulge in delicious appetizers and specialty drinks served in souvenir glassware. It's the perfect location for a romantic date or high-powered business meeting.

The Desert Factory By NRCL

One of the Few Restaurants in the World serving just Deserts.Specialising in World Famous Deserts from all corners of the World.

The Grill By NRCL

Experience grilled cuisine from the world over. Grill your favourite dishes, right on the table. From succulent, juicy kebabs to hundred styles of cooking meat. Watch them crackle and sizzle on your table. And get lost in pure taste paradise.  It is a delicious storm of flavours from all corners of the earth. Unlimited starters like Malaysian satays, Mexican grills, Japanese yakitori, American barbecues are served at the Live Grills on each table.